How to use Amazon Alexa to learn about the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

A little bit of technology is about to become the new standard in the smartphone world, and it will be coming to the Amazon Alexa voice-controlled device. The new device, codenamed “POWER PIXEL,” will debut this week at Amazon’s developer conference, Amazon’s Echo Show, in Seattle. “The new Power Pixel will allow Alexa to understand your voice, […]

What you need to know about the new government grant for AI researchers

The Australian government has announced a $6.7m funding scheme for researchers looking to develop a range of technologies for the development of AI, including artificial intelligence.Key points:The $6m will fund AI-related research in AustraliaThe scheme, to be rolled out over three years, will see the government subsidise the research of Australian universitiesThe project will involve […]

Discover the tech story behind Kape’s new technology

Kape Technology Inc. says it is looking for a new business partner to help bring its new technology to the market.The company announced Monday it is partnering with the tech incubator The Hive, a venture capital firm in London, to help it bring its advanced water desalination technology to market.“We have been exploring how to […]