How to make the world safer from terrorism: The U.S. tech industry

Posted October 15, 2018 07:01:24 While tech companies across the globe have been busy building secure communication networks and other cybersecurity measures, the U.K. has not done much to make their way up to the next level of security.In the U, the UK government has already been accused of being a “federalization of technology” that […]

How to keep the news out of your Twitter timeline with a hashtag technology issue

The hashtag issue that’s causing Twitter to issue an alert and take down its Twitter app and social media account is the use of the hashtag technology.The hashtag is used to highlight content on other social media platforms.Twitter’s new feature was announced in October, but the news has only been making headlines in the last […]

S.O.S.: New technology is killing the city of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

The S.P.D.O.-like city of a thousand hills has been reduced to rubble in an epic battle for survival against a mysterious and deadly virus.The S.D.(S.D.)O.K.(Special Operational) virus has been unleashed on the town of Sotsugo, which is located in the northeastern Japanese province of Hokkaido.On Monday, the World Health Organization said S.Konohashi, a Japanese city […]