Why Google’s Chrome browser is better than Windows 10

Microsoft’s new browser, codenamed “Chrome,” is more secure, easier to use and offers more options than the Windows 10 operating system, according to a study published on Tuesday.Chrome’s security features include a more secure version of the internet’s default web browser, a faster version of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, and a new built-in browser.The study also […]

How to use Facebook as a mobile VR app

Facebook, Google, Apple and Microsoft are working on a mobile app for Oculus Rift that will allow users to use their Facebook accounts as virtual reality headsets.The social network has not announced any details, but Facebook is already testing a VR version of the Oculus Rift headset for a limited number of users, according to […]

When battery tech meets smartphone technology

When a battery cell becomes a smartphone, there’s a lot of pressure to deliver it as fast as possible.And that means that battery technology has to be as efficient as possible, while still offering a long battery life.A good battery technology should last for a long time, which is what makes battery technology such a […]