When is it OK to drive? | CarPlay and the safety of cars

Ottawa, Ontario – October 20, 2017 – Today, the federal government announced a plan to ensure that all cars, buses, ferries and trains are safe for all Canadians.The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, the government’s updated framework for safe driving, require all vehicles to meet safety standards set out in the Safe Driving Guidelines of […]

How to fix the problem of infertility with the Luokung IVF system

Posted November 10, 2018 09:56:50 When I heard that Luokun Technology, one of the biggest IVF companies in the world, was planning to launch an IVF product called the Luosight, I was all excited.The product promises to be the world’s first IVF device to use the new Luokund IVF technology.Luokusight is the first of its […]