Voicebox Technology News: Apple’s voice control technology is a ‘game changer’ for voice assistants

The Apple voice assistant voice control system that was introduced in 2016 is a game changer for voice assistant technology, and it’s bringing new and improved features to existing products.Apple has been working on the Siri voice assistant for over a year, and this week the company introduced a new voice control tech called VoiceBox, […]

A team of scientists have developed a new blockchain technology that could enable the creation of secure, global trade, according to the US Chamber of Commerce.Read moreUS Chamber of Commisioner: A global community needs blockchain technology

In a statement, the Chamber said: “We are thrilled to see the world’s top financial institutions working with a global community of blockchain companies and innovators to advance the use of this technology to create global trade and commerce.”The Chamber’s Global Blockchain Initiative has developed an innovative framework that will accelerate the global adoption of […]

What will Microsoft do about its voicebox technology?

Microsoft has launched a research and development initiative to help develop voicebox solutions for voice recognition.The voicebox project, announced Monday by Microsoft in a blog post, will work to “develop a voicebox that is as easy to use and powerful as voice recognition technology itself, with features that are accessible to a wide range of […]