Xplore Technologies unveils new Xplorer technology

Xplores Technologies, Inc., is a global leader in creating and delivering advanced, open-source, and high-performance computing technologies for the embedded, cloud, and mobile industries.The company’s products, products and services include the Xplorers platform, Xploring Platform, XPLores Server Platform, and Xplors Storage Platform.With its recent acquisitions of Synaptics, Qualcomm Technologies, and Zephyr Systems, Xtreme Technologies is […]

How will you stay safe when using the e-cigarette?

The number of e-cigarettes sold in Australia is on the rise, and the technology is proving popular with smokers.But a new report has revealed that it is not the tobacco companies who are leading the charge, but the vaping enthusiasts.“It’s not the vaping that is driving the market,” said Professor Brian Kavanagh, director of the […]

How to fix your Twitter feed for peace of mind

It’s not just about being the most popular Twitter account.It’s about being one of the best at it.A new study has found that the way you use Twitter can have a big impact on your future productivity, and that it may be time to reconsider your use of the service.The study, by LinkedIn’s David Mihalyczyk […]