How to get rid of ‘waste, fraud, and spam’ in your email inbox

The latest tech trends to make headlines include “the perfect email,” “smart cards,” and “a new kind of email”.But the most interesting thing about all these new things is how they can affect the way you email your family, friends, and co-workers.In a recent study, researchers at the University of Oxford found that the most […]

How to use the new Google Glass glasses to get the job done

If you’ve never heard of the Google Glass, or even if you’ve heard of it, you probably have no idea what it is.But the company has been making the device a lot more affordable and appealing to the tech-savvy in recent months.The $1,200 Google Glass will go on sale this week, and the glasses will […]

Apple to release iPhone Xs Max as early as December 2018

The iPhone X, the flagship iPhone in Apple’s new lineup of smartphones, will arrive on December 16, 2018, according to an article from AppleInsider.The announcement comes a day after Apple revealed that it will begin selling the iPhone X in select countries, including Canada and the United States.iPhone X will feature a 3.5-inch Full HD […]

How to build a cloud farm that costs less than $200 per month

News Corp is looking to make a play in the cloud, which has grown to become the next big business opportunity for the company.The news was reported by Bloomberg, which said that the new company is working on an IoT-based cloud farm.The startup is developing its own cloud-based infrastructure to help build applications and services […]

How Netflix and Hulu are transforming the movie industry

Netflix, Hulu and Amazon are all now available in nearly every country in the world, but they’re not everywhere at once.While Netflix and Amazon were the first major players to launch their service, they’re now vying to be the first to go mainstream.“They’re competing to dominate the market, and we think they’re doing that,” Netflix […]

How to use Amazon Alexa to learn about the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

A little bit of technology is about to become the new standard in the smartphone world, and it will be coming to the Amazon Alexa voice-controlled device. The new device, codenamed “POWER PIXEL,” will debut this week at Amazon’s developer conference, Amazon’s Echo Show, in Seattle. “The new Power Pixel will allow Alexa to understand your voice, […]

Silversun Technologies announces the first batch of 3D printed batteries for drones

A Swedish company has announced the first batches of 3-D printed battery packs for drones, enabling drones to fly longer distances without having to refuel.The batteries can be used to recharge the drones’ batteries and provide power for the autonomous systems.The battery packs will be tested on drones that have already been tested with other […]

How to build a simple Android app with Unity and AngularJS for free

If you’ve ever wanted to build an app for your smartphone or tablet with Unity, then you’ve probably heard of the AngularJS framework.In fact, there are currently at least two full-featured Android applications written entirely in Unity.But Unity’s open source development model means you can also take it further and build your own apps, with […]

Why do we need exelon technology to survive?

Today’s Technology news sourceFinancial Post, Exelon Technology to Survive Future Business Challenges and How Exelons Technology can Protect Us from Them: Exelon has been in the news lately as they have had a recent loss of around $300 million in revenue.Their main competitors have been the two smaller firms that are the only two […]

Which of the world’s most profitable clover technology firms are worth the most? is the leading provider of cloud computing and storage solutions, powered by clover, clover’s enterprise solution and clover cloud.clover is owned by, which also owns and other companies in the clover ecosystem.clover technology is a cloud platform and a data store that delivers a consistent, seamless, secure, and private cloud computing experience […]