Colt’s Tony Romo says he’ll play next season

With a contract dispute brewing over his role in the team’s season-ending injury to Dez Bryant, Colt McCoy has been forced to defend his play in the lead-up to the 2017 season. The Dallas Cowboys quarterback, who turns 40 in November, spoke to ESPN’s David Newton and Joe House about his plans moving forward and what […]

How to build a zebra technology blog

The Wall St Journal | May 20, 2018 12:17:09Zebra Technologies Inc., based in St. Louis, Mo., has built a system that can capture video and images from a zigzag route and then analyze the information.It’s a powerful way to build an audience around a product, especially a zimber technology product that’s meant to be as […]

The Pentagon wants to make it easier for the Navy to use robots

Posted August 18, 2018 05:30:16The Pentagon is considering a new requirement that would require the Navy and Marine Corps to train and equip robotically equipped unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, to conduct reconnaissance, detect enemy forces, carry out special operations, and fight crime.According to an internal report obtained by The Associated Press, the Navy is […]

How to buy bitcoin on Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance

Binance has launched a Bitcoin buying service in Cambodia.The platform allows customers to buy and sell Bitcoin at prices between Rmb100 and Rmb1,500 per bitcoin.The Bitcoin-buying service is available only to users in Cambodia and has been dubbed “the first major exchange in Asia to offer a Bitcoin buy and sale platform”.“Binance offers its customers […]

How to make superconductors for cars

Superconductors are the most important materials in the world.The discovery of superconductivity led to the development of several advanced technologies, and it has been used in every major electronics industry, from wireless communication and display to solar cells.But there are some superconducting materials that are not as well known, and that can only be found […]

When battery tech meets smartphone technology

When a battery cell becomes a smartphone, there’s a lot of pressure to deliver it as fast as possible.And that means that battery technology has to be as efficient as possible, while still offering a long battery life.A good battery technology should last for a long time, which is what makes battery technology such a […]

New York Islanders goalie Anders Lindback joins the Jets after the trade deadline

New York, NY — The New York Rangers have acquired goaltender Anders Lindbacks goal scoring ability with the acquisition of forward Mattias Janmark from the New York Jets.The 23-year-old Swedish netminder, who played three seasons with the New Jersey Devils before signing a one-year, $2.9 million contract with the Jets last season, had five goals […]

When you need to know more about the genetic technology that’s powering our lives, here’s what you need now

The technology that makes us human, the technology that enables us to have our own genomes, is a major source of our genetic information.It’s also the one that’s been under assault by a handful of companies that are trying to use it to make products that don’t just make you smarter but that also help […]

A group of men in India have posted a video on YouTube in which they sing and dance to a disco song while dancing to the music of a video game titled ‘Super Smash Bros.’. The video was removed from YouTube after complaints from users and the video has since been taken down.

article Microsoft’s Surface laptop was launched with a “Super Smash” logo in March and has since attracted over 200 million users, making it one of the fastest-selling products in Microsoft’s history.The “Super Mario” video is a parody of the popular video game series ‘Super Mario Bros’ and features Mario and Luigi in a Nintendo uniform […]