How to stay safe while attending college

The college students in this story are enrolled in online courses, including a degree-granting program.The school is accredited by the Association of American Universities.It’s not clear how many students are enrolled there.The college-based online course at Washington University in St. Louis is taught by a professor who is a registered nurse.He has been an adviser […]

Why Iran’s new ‘smart’ mobile phone is a big win for education technology

Iran is introducing a smart phone that can track every student’s activity and alert teachers when students fail to follow instructions.The new system will be tested on the National Center for Education Statistics and Education Research (NCESER) at Tehran University, which is under the supervision of the Ministry of Science and Technology.The government has spent […]

How to take care of your data at home and work

It’s a good idea to keep your data safe and secure online.A new service called Palatin aims to help you do just that.Palatin was founded by former PayPal cofounder and cofounder Aaron Levie and former Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg.Palatin is a data-protection company that helps businesses and individuals protect their personal information from hackers.Palino’s mission […]

When does a legal firm’s reputation go public?

The word “legal” has been in use since the 18th century.But in recent years it has become increasingly associated with technology.This month the BBC launched a legal technology channel, Palantir Technologies, which aims to provide news and analysis for the digital age.The company has become a powerful ally for the government’s new Digital Economy Strategy.But […]

Dell Technologies: Dell Technologies’ Sky View 10.1 “Tuned for the Web” is “one of the best” apps in the store

Dell Technologies announced today that Sky View is “a one of the better apps for web browsing” on the Dell Cloud Platform, a new suite of desktop apps that are being integrated into the Dell Skyline lineup.Sky View has a sleek design that looks great on desktop PCs and laptops, and offers many new features […]

Google, Facebook to merge ‘Avago’ for cloud computing

Google and Facebook will merge Avago, a cloud computing platform with a strong foothold in India, to create a new business, the companies announced Thursday.Google, the world’s biggest Internet search engine, will take on a leading role in the new company, with Avago serving as its chief executive.Facebook, the Facebook-owned social networking site, will help […]