How to get your car back after it gets hacked

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How to get the most out of your phone when you’re on the move

How to use your phone to make your commute easier by using the phone’s onboard sensors to make calls, get directions, and make calls on your phone while you’re traveling?The new feature is called Satcon.A few months ago, Google introduced a similar feature called Location Sense to help you find your way around, but it’s […]

What are the biggest problems facing India’s technology industry?

The news of the day: What’s new in technology and how can we use it?A number of issues have been raised in this section.First, there’s the ongoing debate on the role of government and the market.India’s tech sector, which was built on the back of government support, has been rocked by a spate of government-led […]

Samsung launches its next generation of chips in ‘silicon valley’

Samsung is unveiling its next-generation of chips, a key component for the next generation microprocessor. The chips, codenamed the SLS and SLS-X, are expected to be unveiled in the second quarter of 2017.The chipmaker says the SLCs will have 1.2x the performance of previous generation chips, with 20nm technology, and will be available for purchase by […]

How to make the world safer from terrorism: The U.S. tech industry

Posted October 15, 2018 07:01:24 While tech companies across the globe have been busy building secure communication networks and other cybersecurity measures, the U.K. has not done much to make their way up to the next level of security.In the U, the UK government has already been accused of being a “federalization of technology” that […]

How to be an online troll in the UK

The UK government is reportedly considering tightening up online trolling laws after a number of incidents involving online harassment, which have resulted in a series of arrests and charges.The UK Home Office, which oversees the police, has also proposed a ban on “online harassment,” a reference to online threats against politicians.It adds: “The police are […]

Why do we use the Evertz?

Evertz, an energy storage company, is building the technology for homes and businesses.The company is hoping to offer customers a more reliable energy storage option.In its latest quarterly earnings call, Evertz said its battery-powered homes and buildings would have the ability to store more energy than a typical utility-scale battery, and that it could provide […]