Chinese tech companies are selling more than just phones and tablets to people using bitcoin

A lot of people are buying smartphones and tablets with bitcoin, with Chinese tech giants selling $6 billion worth of the digital currency in the first half of the year.That’s more than twice as much as Apple and Google combined, according to research firm IDC.The big takeaway: China’s digital currency is being used as a […]

Maxar announces ‘next generation’ autonomous truck with fully self-driving technology

The world’s largest truck maker, Maxar, has announced its next-generation autonomous truck, the Maxar EZ.Maxar said that the EZ is “the world’s most advanced self-driven vehicle” and will be used in the United States to replace conventional diesel trucks.It will have fully self driving capability and be available for commercial use by the end of […]

How to use the interactive mapping software called “Intermap” to get the latest news and insights from around the world

In this article we explain how to use Intermap to get a better sense of where you are in the world and how it can help you make sense of the news.The interactive map tool is built using information from around four million locations around the globe.When you zoom in on a city, you can […]

Cloud computing giant Accesso unveils ‘cloud’ cloud service, but does not specify price

Accesso has announced it is launching a cloud-based “cloud” service in October, but it did not provide any details.The company announced the Cloud Service, which will be available in October for $0.99.Accesso’s Cloud Service will provide access to the company’s proprietary APIs, which are used to create and manage the company�s cloud applications.Accessorio claims the […]

Why Google is using the search engine’s latest version of the Search Engine Optimizer to drive search results

Google is rolling out the latest version to its search engine, Google News, as a part of a move to reduce spam and to boost search rankings.Google News is one of the most popular search results for the search giant, with search queries around 1.5 trillion in 2017.Search results in Google News have shown a […]

How to prevent a security breach with an easy to use Android app

Android Security Explained By Android Security by Google News Android security is a subject that has been around for some time, but not for many years.The topic is so complicated that Google, and other companies that are developing their own versions of Android, have a hard time answering it.So, what are you going to do […]

What happens when a company gets stuck with a huge debt?

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How to detect malware on Android phones and tablets

How to identify malware on your Android phone or tablet?With this simple guide you can detect malware in minutes.1.Search for a word on Google: If you’re not sure how to search for a specific word on google, here’s how: Search for something on google that you want to see the definition of in the top […]