How to make a solar power station with no solar panels, a laser, and a bunch of money

With solar power now on the horizon, we’re going to look at how you can make one of these in your backyard, or even somewhere else on Earth.In this episode, we talk about the most basic step: how to build one.If you’re looking to build a solar farm, here are some things to keep in […]

Recode: Cloud services and a new cloud for businesses

A cloud services platform, a new data center, and a slew of other exciting things have been revealed at Recode’s new technology conference, Code conference.In this episode of Code, Recode tech editor Ryan O’Brien sits down with CEO of Cloudflare Jeff Garzik and former CEO of Microsoft Mike Sandoval to discuss Cloudflares role in the […]

Which is more important to you?

A Reddit user has created a nifty tool that lets you know how much you will be paid for an AMA (ask me anything) from the perspective of a company.A company like Reddit has historically struggled with the problem of incentivizing its employees to be a part of the discussion.But the AMA process has evolved […]

How will you stay safe when using the e-cigarette?

The number of e-cigarettes sold in Australia is on the rise, and the technology is proving popular with smokers.But a new report has revealed that it is not the tobacco companies who are leading the charge, but the vaping enthusiasts.“It’s not the vaping that is driving the market,” said Professor Brian Kavanagh, director of the […]

Voicebox Technology News: Apple’s voice control technology is a ‘game changer’ for voice assistants

The Apple voice assistant voice control system that was introduced in 2016 is a game changer for voice assistant technology, and it’s bringing new and improved features to existing products.Apple has been working on the Siri voice assistant for over a year, and this week the company introduced a new voice control tech called VoiceBox, […]

AT&T announces $10M buyout of Time Warner subsidiary

AT&t (NYSE:T) on Monday announced the acquisition of Time, Inc., which is now known as Time Warner.The transaction, which was completed on Sept. 6, will allow AT&ts to further expand its Time business and the company’s content delivery capabilities.The company has already signed a number of acquisitions to expand its distribution footprint.AT&Ts largest acquisition was […]

How to fix a translation problem with the CPP

Posted March 20, 2019 09:24:08 I have a translation issue.I’m in a foreign country and my English isn’t great.It’s not clear to me what’s going on.I’m wondering how to fix it.My first thought is to try to get an English speaker in the room, but the only person who seems to know English is a […]